Recommended Personal development material

Below is a list of CDs and books that we would recommend that distributors listen to or read. The titles listed are those that we feel have had the greatest effect in helping us build our business. If you click on the links you can purchase the titles through Knowledge is King. An don't forget, if you use your cashback card you will get a 5% discount on your purchase.

Titles for Distributors new to the Business

Building Your Network Marketing Business - Jim Rohn

This is essential listening for new distributors. Please listen to it; it's probably the best CD on Network Marketing that we've ever listened to!


Making the Shift - Darren Hardy

This is a fantastic CD set that we wished we could have had at the start of our business. It's included in your welcome pack from The Utility Warehouse. It covers overcoming the fears of venturing into Network Marketing for the first time and and how to survive the first weeks in your new business. It incorporates excerpts form Jim Rohn's CD above and gives loads of fantastic advice to the new starter. In all a brilliant CD set whether you're brand new or a seasoned Network Marketeer!

Titles for the more established Distributor

Mastering Go for No - Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton

This CD set is all about conquering your fear of getting 'nos' and using them instead to propel your business forward rather than letting them knock you back. Everyone that we've spoken to that's listened to this CD set has said that it has had a massive effect on their business.


The Slight Edge (Revised edition 2011) - Jeff Olson

Introduces the concept of building your business by using the power of the slight edge, doing a small amount everyday that over time has a massive effect on your business.


Questions are the Answers - Alan Pease

Essential listening for anyone wanting to improve their recruiting skills. How to get a prospect interested in looking at your business by asking them five questions!

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